Thursday, January 8, 2009

Horrible Harry and the Purple People by Suzy Kline

I chose Horrible Harry and the Purple People, as the first summary project that will be continued in various books.

Reading children's books is always fun and worth to me. It reminds me of the value of imagination and creativity and helps to keep the eyes of children toward human being and the world.

I remember that Future CEO with Long Hair had read the series in an interest of "Harry" around the same age. Although not reading the series any more, Future CEO with Long Hair, as my writing teacher, is willing to modify my summary of each chapter. In his support, I hope that my English writing skill improve while having fun, through reading and summarizing interesting books.

This book, Horrible Harry, is one of famous paperback series for young children. Harry and his 2nd-grade class mates including Doug, the speaker, are main characters in this series. Surrounding Harry and the friends, exciting and interesting incidents keep happening in the classroom every day.

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