Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Disembarking at Quebec - Margaret Atwood

Journal 1 1832-1840

Disembarking at Quebec
By Margaret Atwood

Is it my clothes, my way of walking,
the things I carry in my hand
- a book, a bag with knitting-
the incongruous pink of my shawl

this space cannot hear

or is it my own lack
of conviction which makes
these vistas of desolation,
long hills, the swamps, the barren sand, the glare
of sun on the bone-white
driftlogs, omens of winter,
the moon alien in day-
time a thin refusal

The others leap, shout


The moving water will not show me
my reflection.

The rocks ignore.

I am a word
in a foreign language.

I wanna go there some winter days, carrying my strings and bags filled with books, quilts, and a journal, just like Margaret. If I get there, would my soul got more rest without anything else?

About Margaret Atwood:
Canadian writer born in 1939: a prolific poet, novelist, literary critic, feminist, and activist.
About Quebec:
Quebec is Canada's largest province with a predominantly French-speaking population. It is bordered on the south by the US of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, an New York. Nationalism plays a large role in the politics of Quebec, and all three major provincial political parties have sought greater autonomy for Quebec and recognition of its unique status.
This city has a humid continental climate with warm, humid summers and long, cold, and snowy winters. Winters are long and among the coldest in eastern Canada.
(from Wikipedia)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A luxurious breakfast

My luxurious breakfast is eating a hash brown and a cup of coffee at MacDonal's. A rainy day morning, I order them for, not "to go," but "here." Taking a window seat and eating what I have got, I look at the landscape of a rainy day in the city over the window glass. That moment is gorgeous to me. A quiet, normal morning, with raining....

Horrible Harry and the Purple People by Suzy Kline

I chose Horrible Harry and the Purple People, as the first summary project that will be continued in various books.

Reading children's books is always fun and worth to me. It reminds me of the value of imagination and creativity and helps to keep the eyes of children toward human being and the world.

I remember that Future CEO with Long Hair had read the series in an interest of "Harry" around the same age. Although not reading the series any more, Future CEO with Long Hair, as my writing teacher, is willing to modify my summary of each chapter. In his support, I hope that my English writing skill improve while having fun, through reading and summarizing interesting books.

This book, Horrible Harry, is one of famous paperback series for young children. Harry and his 2nd-grade class mates including Doug, the speaker, are main characters in this series. Surrounding Harry and the friends, exciting and interesting incidents keep happening in the classroom every day.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Theme - John Ashbery

By John Ashbery

If I were a piano shawl
a porch on someone's house
flooding the suave timbre...

Then forty, he,
a unique monsieur -
and yet he never wanted to look into it.

"Have you forgotten your little Kiki?"
Smoke from the horses' nostrils
wreathed the pump by the well.

The stink of snow
was everywhere. Too bad it looks
so good.

O beautiful and true
thou that glitterest
, in storms,

starting to discuss gardening. I don;t
want to throw cold water
on this.

That music has changed my life
a lot, since I made the
mistake of learning it.

another passionless day. The peach
forms a stain
at the end of the line.

Learn to lock love enjoy:
"The dream I dreamed
was not denied me;

hence my love is mad -
a castle's satin walls
folded in blood."

The deputy returned
the peashooter. I have learned
to plait wasps

into a bronze necropolis.
The ticket and the water
only endure, as one can

in the right circumstances,
mom cher Tommy. I think the theme
created itself somewhere

around here and cannot find itself.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Good luck to 2009

The first few days of 2009 have faded out into another past and memory. It is no doubt that my three guys and I had one of the greatest holiday seasons because we ALL got together. I feel to be more eager to keep the memories of every moment of my life with lovers. It must be due to getting older as well as the terrible car accident.

I really hope that 2009 would be a very special year for my family, looking forward to significant changes.